As an exercise of meta on meta, The Decadent Review is looking for:

  • Criticism of criticism essays (cultural, literary).
  • Reviews of reviews (books, poetry, art).
  • Poetry on poetry (classical, modern).
  • Essays on essays (aesthetics, linguistics, semiotics).

To clarify, the submission call is for works based on existing works, or that lays on top of them as a literary superimposition.

Please explicitly name the underlying work.

Extra points for meta of meta of meta; that is, pieces that overlay (a conceptual meta) a work that is already a meta-work, or an ekphrasis of some sort, and so on.

As always, we value:

  • Erudition
  • Cynicism.
  • Sarcasm.
  • Classicism.
  • Brutality.
  • Humor.
  • Existential despair. 


  • Word (.docx).
  • 12pt font.
  • Use spaces, not tabs, to format stanzas.
  • Do not use the ruler to format stanzas, use spaces.
  • Do not count on page width to format stanzas, use explicit new lines.
  • Single spaced.
  • One article per author.
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.